Everyone can participate in Inisignificant Figures.  Even if you are not a musician as part of our street team “Subversive”. You can even earn money if you sign up to be a band member.



  • Host links on your own Social Networking pages/blogs and other profiles which click through back to the Insignificant Figures website and purchase links.
  • Spread the word about Insignificant Figures on message boards, in chat rooms, local music lists, and other forums.
  • Comment on blogs writing about Insignificant Figures or like-minded artists.
  • “Like” items across the web so it shows up in your Facebook news feed
  • Invite people to Facebook events and also to Facebook band pages with the “Suggest to Friends” button.
  • Tweet and Re-Tweet messages on Twitter.
  • “Digg” News Articles
  • Tag photos on Flickr/Instagram
  • Share and comment on YouTube/Vimeo Videos, on Social Networks, Forums, and Groups.
  • Email friends
  • Recommend music on sites like iTunes Ping, iLike, Last.FM, Pandora, Blip.FM, etc.
  • Post advertisements for Insignificant Figures on Craigslist
  • Write favorable reviews of your music.


  • Missions will be sent out on a frequent basis focusing on different areas of the internet.
  • Top point winners get to choose from a variety of unique rewards
  • Band members will receive 30% of the pre-tax total on any sales generated.