Become A Band Member

Membership Levels

Insignificant Figures is a musical collective.  Anyone who is not prohibited under contract can join the band and contribute their personal talents.

Do you play an instrument, sing, produce, engineer, dance, create art, direct videos, write, listen to music, blog, socialize, market,  or have a job/skill/talent that would benefit the band?   Original clips of music ranging from full songs to short snippets will be uploaded on a constant basis.  Utilize these to create and express your own vision.

There will be at least two different levels of access to files – Band Members and Freeloaders.

You will become a band member by supporting the band on Patreon.

As an Insignificant Figures band member you will have access to all high quality raw tracks and mix stems.  In addition, members music will have the ability to be showcased and sold on their own subdomain of  These songs are not to be sold outside of without permission.  All songs sold through your subdomain you will earn 50% of the post-tax total.  Payments will be made once per month.

Freeloaders will have access to the tracks free of charge to use and contribute, however your contributions cannot be sold on the site.  These tracks will be made available a month after they are delivered to the paying band members.  Additionally, access to question and tutorial section of the website will only be available to paying memebers.

All tracks contained on will be part of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

This means that others will be free to use any work submitted for non-commercial purposes if they credit you and only distribute the resulting work under the same or similar license.